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Adwords Bracket Tool

This tool helps you wrap keywords in brackets or quotes, signifying exact or phrase matches. You enter what keyword matches you want, and then a keyword list. The tool will alphabetize the keyword list and wrap the keywords in the appropiate Adwords delimiters.

You can also combine keywords with prefixes and suffixes. For example, imagine your keywords are "table" and "chair". You could have prefix keywords of "oak" and "maple". The end result would combining all prefixes and keywords, like "oak table". In addition, major metropolitan city and state lists are provided.

The tool also has advanced features for appending a Max CPC and Destination URL to your keywords. Adwords allows a keyword list to be formatted as Keyword ** Max CPC ** Destination URL. For example, MyKeyword ** 0.10 ** This tool allows you to append the Max CPC and Destination URL to each keyword n the format accepted by Adwords.

The Destination URL is really only useful if you use dynamic keyword insertion. After all, you don't want to send all the keywords to the same landing page. You can use Adwords dynamic keyword insertion ({keyword}) or use this tool's keyword tokens. The tokens are used almost the same way dynamic keyword insertion tokens are used. The differences are that the tool tokens are the keywords from your list, while Adwords tokens are the consumers search term. Also, Adwords tokens remain tokens in the output, but the tool's tokens are instantly replaced with the keyword. Here are the tool's tokens...

Token Replaced With
[keyword] the current keyword
[dash] the current keyword with dashes subsituted for spaces. This is useful for Url Rewriting.

Keyword Match
Empty Textbox

Premium Features
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Destination Url

adwords marketing   adwords marketing